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Protisystem Plan


The Protisystem Method

The ProtiSystem protocol is based on ceasing to ingest carbohydrates, which leads the body to quickly run out of its energy reserves and start using energy from the fat that it has stored.
This process, known as beta oxidation, makes the body go into a state of ketosis, a metabolic situation which is rooted in a deficit in the intake of carbohydrates, leading to the formation of molecules of fat which are non-fully metabolized, also called ketonic bodies.

Process: After three days of having started the protein-based diet, which radically excludes the ingestion of carbohydrates, sugars and fats, our body goes into a state of ketosis. This situation, characterized by the concentration of ketonic bodies in the blood, leads the person to feel less hungry while also feeling an increase in her wellbeing and vitality. The results of the protein-based diet are noticeable on a short-term period – in many cases, we have seen patients loosing 20 to 25 pounds in only 6 weeks.

The proteinic reserves (muscles) are not used because the organic needs are covered by the predigested proteins (protein supplements) of our ProtiSystem protocol.
The lipidic reserves are consequently those which provide the necessary energy, consuming and draining the reserves. This process causes a very important reduction of fats, which translates into a quick weight loss and volume reduction.
Usually, the protein formulas are presented in several formats and flavors, so to satisfy the tastes and needs of each patient, and considering each patient’s lifestyle. These products can be consumed as cold or hot drinks, with chocolate or vanilla flavors, or as protein-rich bars of diversified flavors, as well as in creams, soups, chili flans, yogurts and many other options.



Weight Control Centers
We have a weight-control center near you where your progress in the diet will be monitored and where you will have assistance for you to accomplish your goals.


A variety of products specially formulated and with high biological value. You choose your foods and refreshments, and we send them directly to you.

Personalized Support

Get support from your personal coach, incorporated into the ProtiSystem Method and completely free for a year.

Real Nutrition and continuing education

The Protisystem Method is more than a diet program; it is an educational program where you will learn how to enjoy the food in a healthy and sustainable manner, in order to establish permanent habits..

The Protisystem Method Is:

  • Safe:Due to its scientific grounds and its composition rich in proteins of high biological value.

  • Easy:As to its preparation – you can take it to work.

  • Effective: With the protein-based diet, you lose more weight than with by fasting, as the proteins themselves cannot be used as energy, since they need to be transformed, and it is in this transformation that our reserves of fat are consumed as a source of energy for each day.

  • Educational: The progressive reintroduction of the different food groups allows us to accomplish important changes of dietary habits that leave us with a balanced and lasting diet.

The ProtiSystem Method is supervised weekly by Coaches, so that each patient may have a diet according to his needs and to the amount of weight that he needs to lose, in a healthy and balanced way.

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