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ProtiSystem International

The ProtiSystem Group® is a multinational company directed by a medical group which is dedicated to developing weight-loss methods and to increasingly fight the serious epidemic that obesity is becoming, affecting both adults and children all over the world. This protein-based method has been available for more than 20 years in the European and US markets, helping millions of people to overcome many health problems resulting from overweight and obesity.

The priority of the ProtiSystem® group is being able to offer the necessary tools to prevent and treat the overweight and obesity problems that exist today. We feel that the obesity problem that societies are facing nowadays is not due to a lack of information as to what people should do to prevent the problem, but to a lack of tools to actually do it, as well as to a lack of professional supervision that allows them to put actual weight-control steps into practice, since it is very difficult for a person to do it on her own.

The ProtiSystem® Method has been created to treat different types of patients who suffer with an overweight or obesity condition. These programs have been developed so that patients can follow them under strict supervision. Under our method, each patient is supervised on a weekly basis by her personal Coach. Our Coaches are ready to offer you all the professional help that you need throughout your program’s entire process. We believe that the ProtiSystem® Method will not only help the persons using it to accomplish the weight and the figure that they wish, but it will also help them get their health back, recuperating from the health problems caused by excessive weight.

The protein-based method such as the one we offer through ProtiSystem® has been successfully used by thousands of patients with type 2 diabetes and by pre-diabetics, with extraordinary results being accomplished in many cases.

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